Tracesco 1.4
Webcomic Manager (v1.4) (PHP5+GD+MysqlDB(Mysqli))

Full Featured Webcomic Manager System.


Anima Gallery 2.6

Plug & Play Gallery (v2.6) (PHP+GD)

Simple php image management system that automatically generates user-friendly interface for web image directories from HTTP or FTP Uploads

Detailed Information
Anima Gallery automatically generates user-friendly interface for WebSpace directories.
Copy Anima Gallery to your webspace and thats it!
Anima Gallery will do the rest for you. It will seek for common web image formats Jpeg,Gif,Png and automatically generate high quality thumbnails within the webspace directory tree.

Here are some key features of "Anima Gallery":
 Real time thumbnail creation (first page access generates thumbnail cache)
 Protect image's real path to prevent batch downloads (optional)
 Easy integration
 Doesn't need MYSQL Database
 Thumbnail only albums (optional)
 Easy template customization
 HTTP Uploads, Multiple Upload passwords, Upload Restrictions (Filesize/Overwrite permission)
 HTTP Upload Log
 Custom Comments & Ratings
 Album Descriptions
 Image Sorting by filename & Last Modification Date (Ascending/Descending)
 Cookies for each user preferences (Timezone,image sorting options)
 All data files can be stored outside web directory
 Unlimited subdirectories
 Album page index
 Image Search (Match all words/At least one/Exact Phrase)
. Anti-Human Spam tools.
. Dynamic Image loading.
. Dynamic thumbnail settings
. Static update-on-event Statistic logs
. Batch processing
. Special folder modes: Upload on/off, Enabled/disabled
. Languages & Templates

 Ability to change directory permissions
 PHP >=4.3.0 With GD Library 2.0+

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